Global Partnerships Narrative

People & Projects & Purpose

When we develop our own narrative,

we shift mindsets and drive meaningful change.

Our Main Drivers of Success

We are on the cusp of a new age driven by new principles, which demands a more human-centered economy that prioritizes social impact and addresses global goals.

Our new Global Partnerships Narrative vision focuses on three pillars: ‘People at the Core’, ‘Projects in Action’ and ‘Purpose as the Driver’.

Global Partnerships Narrative

Through our New Global Partnerships Narrative, we are ensuring that no crisis derails us from pushing forward with the SDG agenda through transparently showcasing projects and their impact on people as a means to boost inclusive growth and bolster credibility. Essentially, it is about making Egyptians feel empowered with their own development narrative, and include them in every process we take. We are not just communicating to them, we are including them.

People at the Core

For the first pillar, Egypt is committed to improving the Egyptian people’s lives by identifying existing gaps and providing multi – sectoral assistance that push Egyptians towards realizing their full potential.

Through this pillar, we are committed to measuring the impact of all our projects on the people and ensuring that people gain the most among all the other stakeholders of a project.

It is not just measuring the end results, but also putting ‘people’ at every stage of the project – from design to implementation – to ascertain that it first addresses people’s needs.

Projects in Action

As for the second pillar, projects are being implemented across multiple sectors including in education, transportation, water desalination, renewable energy, entrepreneurship, and women empowerment.

Moving from the ‘micro view’ of addressing people’s needs, this pillar shifts to the ‘macro successes’ of our projects, which also includes more partners in the bigger picture: the government, international development partners, the private sector and civil society.

Purpose as the Driver

For the third pillar, our partnerships are based on purpose as the key driver to generate sustained and inclusive growth in a rapidly changing world.

Through a shared sense of purpose, all projects are streamlined and harmonized under one umbrella to achieve common goals: the 2030 National Agenda and 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Purpose elevates all our projects to the higher level, beyond merely achieving tasks. It is key to ensuring continuity and ensuring that projects do not end after budgets or finances, but persists in performance, outcomes, and creativity.

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