Our Story

Our Vision

We are paving the way to a more prosperous Egypt

through pushing the frontiers of cooperation.

Committed to Improving People’s Lives

Committed primarily to improving people’s lives, the Ministry’s mandate by presidential decree works on strengthening the economic cooperation and multilateral engagement between Egypt and other countries, international and regional finance institutions as well as specialized agencies of the United Nations. The ministry also follows up and monitors national agencies that benefit from foreign financing within the framework of achieving the sustainable development goals.

With Cooperation Comes Progress

The road between the world we want to live in and the world we live in, tells a story. In Egypt, that plot line reflects vision, resilience and recovery. Our development cooperation centers around four key commitments put to action: Engage, Accelerate, Align, Account, working hard to leave no one behind, the core essence of the Sustainable Development Goals. Extraordinary times require extraordinary action. There are no limits to our commitment to Egypt’s inclusive and sustainable development. We are determined to use the full potential of our tools within our mandate.

The Core of Our Work is Economic Diplomacy

With a focus on an integrated approach to development financing, where public and private stakeholders work together, we developed a framework to strengthen ‘Economic Diplomacy’ through 3 key principles: 1. Multi-Stakeholder Platforms.

2. ODA SDG Mapping Framework.

3. Global Partnerships Narrative.

A common purpose is integral to achieving real impact.

With a macro vision, micro application that is targeted and achieves a common purpose is integral to achieving real impact.

Micro Visions: ODA SDG Mapping

We concluded the extensive first-of its kind comprehensive mapping exercise of all current effective projects to identify their alignment with relevant SDGs, ensuring optimal contribution of development cooperation projects to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our mapped cooperation portfolio includes both financing to sovereign projects as well as financing to the private sector, and also accounts for projects developed by the UN and its agencies.

Our Mapping Methodology:

Project Purpose: Project documents of all current portfolio were retrieved from the relevant development partners’ websites and reviewed to identify their overall and specific objectives and intended impacts SDG Definitions: Accurate referencing for SDGs were identified through “Global Indicator Framework for the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. Project Mapping: Project general and specific objectives were cross checked to the corresponding SDG targets and indicators to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Cross-Cutting Themes:

The mapping exercise highlighted several cross-cutting themes, where many projects included as part of their activities, general objectives and/or intended impact. These included Goal 1, Poverty alleviation; Goal 5, Gender Equality; Goal 10, Reducing inequality; Goal 12, sustainable Production and Consumption; Goal 13, Climate Act; as well as Goal 17, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.

Fostering Trust: Multi-Stakeholder Platforms

Trust is the engine that drives development cooperation forward. Our Multi-Stakeholder platforms aim to strengthen partnerships for achieving value-centric results through regular interactive and participatory consultations with all development partners. The platforms ensure harmony and complementarity of development collaboration to maximize impact and achieve sustainability. It also provides an opportunity to capitalize on successes, learn from pitfalls and harness the power of group interaction.

Mobilizing the Community: Global Partnerships Narrative

The issues that the world currently faces are universal, and this is why we have unified all our development efforts under one core narrative to mobilize everyone around achieving the global goals.

With a powerful narrative – mobilization occurs.

It provides for us a common language to communicate with one another and push the agenda forward.

Our Narrative is People &Projects &Purpose:

People at the Core: Egypt has made investment in people a top priority, as contributing to human capital is integral to the country’s overall development. Committed to improving the Egyptian people’s lives, every partnership identifies existing gaps and provides multi - sectoral assistance to millions of beneficiaries through public private partnerships that push Egyptians towards realizing their full potential. Projects in Action: Projects have been implemented across multiple sectors that serve social, economic and environmental dimensions including education, transportation, water desalination, renewable energy, entrepreneurship, women empowerment, among others. The several projects completed and the many in progress answer to each of the United Nations 17 SDGs. Through its communication framework, the Ministry of International Cooperation aims to transparently showcase projects and their impact on communities as a means to promote SDGs and bolster credibility. Purpose as the Driver: Our partnerships with purpose have been a driver to generate sustained and inclusive growth, stay agile in a rapidly changing world, and deepen ties with our stakeholders. Purpose in our projects serves important strategic roles: defining our playing field through collaboration with our multilateral and bilateral partners, and allowing us to shape our growth potential.

With a vision that will accelerate progress to sustainable development.

“Strengthen Egypt’s inclusive multilateral engagement with Development Partners, Governments, Policy Makers, Private Sector and the Civil Society to effectively deliver the 2030 National Agenda, consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aimed at achieving a circular economy,” Minister of International Cooperation, H.E. Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat.

Egypt’s Development Story is One to be Told

The road towards achieving our goals on its own tells a story - a story that looks profoundly at how leaders, the community and stakeholders are working together to create a better, more promising future for all.

Pushing Forward for a Resilient Recovery

It is time we talk about the opportunities to rebuild a resilient recovery, through pushing forward with economic diplomacy imagining new ways to enhance livelihoods, empower and inspire communities, and achieve sustainable development for the entire world. Sowing the Seeds of Economic Diplomacy As the year comes to an end, our development path gets closer to reality. In 2020, the Ministry of International Cooperation secured agreements worth $9.891 billion in development financing for various sectors with $6.7 billion to the public sector and $3.191 billion to the private sector.