Annual Report 2022

From Pledges to Implementation

International Partnerships for Sustainable Development

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Statement by H.E. President - Abdel Fattah El-Sisi at The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27)

Today, what our world needs to overcome the current climate crisis and to reach what we have agreed on as goals in the Paris Agreement, surpasses slogans and words. Today, our peoples expect from us rapid, effective and equitable implementation. 

Our peoples expect us to take real and concrete steps towards reducing emissions, enhancing adaptation with the consequences of climate change, and providing the necessary financing for developing countries that suffer the most from the current climate crisis. 

Therefore, we have been keen to call the COP27 Conference: “Implementation Summit”, which is the goal that all our efforts and endeavours must centre around.

Let's NWFE نُوَفِّـي Together!

The 2022 Annual Report presents a vibrant collage of yearlong activities unveiling the narratives of global partnerships for climate action, innovative developments across sectors, just financing all while emphasizing ownership through inclusive country platform.

In 2022, the Ministry of International Cooperation secured a total of $13.7 billion in development financing to support Egypt’s development objectives. This includes $11.1 billion directed to sovereign projects within various economic and social activities in agriculture, transport, energy, environment, housing, and education among other sectors; and $2.6 billion for the private sector; each of which are detailed within the report. 

The year 2022 has undoubtedly been challenging.

In the past 12 months,  given various global issues,  collective action and multilateralism cannot be emphasized enough. We witnessed the true power of partnerships, proving that a multi-stakeholder approach to development is the most effective way to build back better. 

In 2022, the Ministry of International Cooperation secured a total of $13.7 billion  in development financing  to support Egypt’s national development objectives. This includes $11.1 billion directed to sovereign projects across various economic activities and $2.6 billion for the private sector.

A Year of Cooperation & Collaboration

This year, the Ministry of International Cooperation concluded the UN Partnership Development Framework for Egypt 2018-2022 and prepared the upcoming framework. We also prepared the 2023 - 2027 country partnership framework (CPF) with the World Bank Group, as well as the 2022 - 2026 cooperation framework with the European Investment Bank. Moreover, we launched the 2022 - 2027 country strategy with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Country Strategy Papers 2022 - 2026 with the African Development Bank. Additionally, the year featured cooperation with the EU, USAID & UK across several priority sectors, and collaborated on a regional level Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, and many other countries through joint higher committees. We also worked closely to ensure cooperation with many African countries across the continent through south-south cooperation.

SECTION 1: Swift Responses for Urgent Needs: Recovery & Resilience

With commitments made, we entered COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh with our key objective being the move from pledges to implementation among which the main messages were that:

• Global climate financing is significantly lower than needed and is also unevenly distributed, with Africa receiving less than 5.5%.

• Innovative and collaborative financing models are required to finance urgent climate action, particularly in developing and emerging markets where it is needed most.

Interconnected Projects for Interconnected Progress

In 2022 specifically, the Ministry of International Cooperation secured development finance in priority sectors that cover the green transition exclusively with $184 million in the housing, utilities and local development Sector; $1.8 billion in the budget support sector; $2.5 billion in the transport sector; $31 million in the renewable energy sector; $137 million in the agricultural, supply and irrigation sector; and $38 million in the environment sector.

This is in line with the Ministry’s commitment to working towards enhancing partnerships with all our development partners to mitigate global food security challenges, ensuring the needs of citizens and better livelihoods by positioning the green transition as a key pillar. 

This year, Egypt defined a comprehensive National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS) for 2050. Within the scope of the NCCS, the Government of Egypt has defined a set of highest priority projects to be implemented before 2030. 

The NCCS includes a focus on mitigation, adaptation, resilience, loss and damage, and the just transition, and is centered around the energy, food and water nexus.  

Commitment. Clarity. Credibility.

Under the auspices and with the participation of our Prime Minister H.E. Dr. Mostafa Madbouly at COP27, we signed over 30 partnership and financial agreements worth close to $13.5 billion, dedicated to the NWFE نُوَفِّـي Program, Egypt’s Country Platform for the Nexus of Water, Food and Energy and to the E—PACT, Egypt Partnerships Agreements for the Climate Transition.

Leveraging on Egypt’s partnerships with multiple stakeholders, the Ministry of International Cooperation has led efforts to mobilize finance, avail technical assistance, and catalyze private investment, through innovative financing modalities including blended finance and debt swaps for NWFE Projects.

The agreements go towards supporting the country’s green transition, offering a unique opportunity for the international community to show solid support for the climate agenda. 

Also at COP27, US President Joe Biden announced a $500 million package to tackle climate change in Egypt. This includes a $250 million political declaration agreement with Germany and the US to support Egypt’s clean energy transition within the NWFE نُوَفِّـي Program’s energy pillar. 

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The Sharm El-Sheikh Guidebook for Just Financing

On Finance Day at COP27, we launched the Sharm El-Sheikh Guidebook for Just Financing, bringing the idea of justice to climate finance and presenting a definition for just financing with 12 guiding principles.

Calling for the move from “pledges to implementation”, the guidebook puts together an actionable agenda, emphasizing the need to scale-up investments towards climate adaptation and mitigation projects, while highlighting the importance of improved access to quality and quantity climate financing. 

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SECTION 2: From Egypt to the World

Positioning Progress & Paving The Way Forward at COP27

Some of the Ministry of International Cooperation’s main contributions to COP27 have been the launch of the Sharm El-Sheikh Guidebook for Just Financing and the $13.5 billion secured for Egypt’s NWFE نُوَفِّي Program, the launch of the Country Climate Development Report with the World Bank Group, a total of 9 cooperation and financing agreements worth €160 million, including grants with Germany, and a signing of the “Mediterranean Hydrogen Partnership” and Letter of Intent with the EU & European Bank for Reconstruction & Development.

The Egypt- International Cooperation Forum: A Meeting For African Ministers of Finance, Economy & Environment

Sixty days before COP27, we held the second edition of the Egypt — International Cooperation Forum (Egypt—ICF), covering a variety of subjects in preparation for “Finance Day” with a special focus on Africa, including: mobilizing finance, mitigation and adaptation, and national actions from September 7 to 9 in the New Administrative Capital (NAC). This was held under the patronage and with the participation of H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

SECTION 3: Optimism & Opportunities in Egypt

“Generation Unlimited” (Shabab Balad) Initiative

At the 4th edition of the World Youth Forum (WYF) this year, H.E. Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat took part in the launch of Egypt’s version of “Generation Unlimited” (Shabab Balad) Initiative done by the United Nations, making Egypt the first country in the region to witness the launch of this initiative after its launch by the UN in over 50 countries across the world, aiming to support empowering youth in education, employment, entrepreneurship, and engagement.

As the inaugural Shabab Balad Advisory Board meeting was held on the sidelines of COP27, Al-Mashat has also become part of the GenU Global Leadership Council, composed of ministers, CEOs of businesses and foundations, heads of multilateral agencies, and civil society and youth leaders.

Celebrating Startups

In 2022, the Ministry of International Cooperation, along with the Ministries of Communication and Information Technology, and Environment, launched the global ClimaTech Run competition, which featured 15 finalists at COP27, of which 5 winners were selected featuring the key theme of adaptation and resilience with a focus on water, food, agriculture and waste management.

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