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For the First Time, an Egyptian Minister Launches Blog with LinkedIn Publishing

In its continued efforts to build trust, credibility and connect with a wider national and global youth audiences, Minister of International Cooperation, H.E. Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat, launched a periodical blog on LinkedIn Publishing (Pulse),

with a first article published on Sunday titled, ‘On Harmony and Diversity: How We Can Harness Every Individual’s Power in a Collective Spirit’.

The article was also featured by the LinkedIn News on ‘Finding beauty in the everyday’ editor’s picks. The blog features critical professional and leadership insights, answer reader’s questions, as well as updated news on Egypt to take readers on it the nation’s path to sustainable development.

In the post, Al-Mashat offered insights on how businesses and institutions can create a cycle of harmony, continuity and integration at workplaces through American designer Charles Eames’ design philosophy, which aims to foster “authentic, simple and diverse teams that possess a collective form of 'talent density' leading to contagious performance.” “There is extraordinary power and beauty in the everyday object as there is in the everyday human. To ensure success in teamwork, we shouldn’t aim to change the qualities that each person possesses, but ultimately find ways to nurture an environment where his own potential shines,” Al-Mashat states in the article. Following this philosophy, Al-Mashat adds that the Ministry of International Cooperation has been implementing continuous efforts to push ahead with reforms, announcing a new senior-staff team in 2020 and a new structure to optimize resources and enhance efforts under the Ministry’s framework to strengthen 'Economic Diplomacy' through 3 key principles: regularly organizing Multi-Stakeholder Platforms to ensure that all projects between development partners are streamlined and effectively coordinated; mapping Official Development Assistance to the SDGs for all development projects; and adopting a consistent Global Partnerships Narrative which is People & Projects & Purpose (P&P&P). In August 2020, Al-Mashat became the first Egyptian Minister to participate in a LinkedIn webinar series through the ‘Women Empowerment for the Leadership in 2020’ session, and which garnered more than 5,600 viewers from Europe and the Middle East and North Africa. Microsoft - owned LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with more than 700 million users globally, more than half of them are university graduates. Professionals watch nearly 4 million hours of content on LinkedIn Learning monthly, a nearly 50% increase month-over-month, with LinkedIn Live streams viewership up by 158 percent since February 2020.