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  • Saturday, 25 May 2024

H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, receives a delegation from the European Investment Bank to explore ways to enhance cooperation in the field of water

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, received a delegation from the European Investment Bank (EIB), within the framework of the close relations between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the EIB, the financing arm of the European Union, where the mission aimed to explore axes of enhancing joint cooperation in the field of water resources management.

This comes within the framework of the close partnership with the EIB, especially in light of the signing of the agreement to raise the path of joint relations between Egypt and the European Commission to the level of a strategic partnership last March, and based on the relations that began in 1979 and resulted in soft development financing for the government and private sectors amounting to more than €14 billion. It has enhanced efforts to achieve development in many areas.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of International Cooperation welcomed the delegation of the EIB, stressing the importance of the joint efforts made in enhancing the country’s development priorities, noting the priority that the government gives to water projects in light of the paramount importance of this sector in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

The Minister of International Cooperation stressed that water is one of the vital sectors in the field of climate action, and it enhances the implementation of not only SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, but also many other goals.

The meeting witnessed the exploration of new mechanisms for cooperation in water projects in light of what represents a paramount importance, and in line with the state’s strategy for developing water resources, and efforts to strengthen sanitation networks in rural areas, in a way that enhances the use of water resources in a sustainable manner.

It is worth noting that in light of cooperation with the European Union, a new partnership framework was developed with the EIB for the years 2021-2027, which enhances areas of joint cooperation, especially in the sectors of health, education, environment, energy, water treatment, transportation, agriculture, and supply, and supports joint work with the private sector, Within the framework of the “Team Europe” initiative through which the European Commission and the European Union’s Neighborhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) are aimed at stimulating the green transition and promoting sustainable development efforts.

During the period from 2020 to 2024, the EIB financed two projects in the field of water. The first is a project to expand and develop the wastewater treatment plant in Alexandria at a value of $138 million, with the aim of increasing the capacity and modernizing the treatment level of the current wastewater treatment plant in western Alexandria to improve the quality of liquid waste from the plant and contribute In removing pollution from the neighboring Lake Mariout and the Mediterranean Sea. The second project is to treat wastewater in Helwan, worth $88 million, with the aim of strengthening and modernizing the Helwan wastewater treatment plant to improve the quality of wastewater from the plant and enable its safe reuse in agriculture.