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  • Sunday, 10 March 2024

Minister of International Cooperation H.E. Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat Witnesses Signing of Grant Agreement Worth $8.3 million between the Japanese Embassy and the WHO to Support National Efforts in Providing Medical Needs to the Gaza Strip

● Minister of International Cooperation: The Japanese grant provides medical supplies and capacity building for hospitals in the border governorates to receive injured people from the Gaza Strip.

● Implementing many projects supporting the health sector in coordination between multilateral and bilateral development partners, including the universal health insurance project.

The Minister of International Cooperation H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat witnessed the signing of a grant agreement between the Japanese Embassy in Cairo and the World Health Organization (WHO), worth $8.3 million, to support the development and meeting the needs of hospitals in the border governorates in Egypt, thus enhancing their ability to provide medical needs and supplies to people in Gaza. This is within the framework of the efforts undertaken by the Egyptian state in coordination with various international partners to confront the humanitarian crisis that the Gaza Strip is going through.

The signing events were attended by Dr. Hanan Balkhi, Regional Director of the WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Hatem Amer, Assistant Minister of Health and Population for International Relations Affairs. The grant agreement was signed by Ambassador Oka Hiroshi, the Japanese Ambassador to Cairo, and Dr. Nima Abed, the WHO Representative in Egypt.

In her speech during the signing ceremony, Al-Mashat explained the importance of the joint efforts made by international partners in coordination with national authorities represented by the Ministries of International Cooperation and the Ministries of Health and Population, in a way that supports the role played by the Egyptian state to confront the humanitarian crisis that Gaza is going through. This is under the directives of H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, providing the necessary supplies and needs to hospitals in the border governorates to enhance their ability to receive those who are injured and impacted from the Palestinian side.

The Minister indicated the Government of Egypt is committed to providing all forms of support to overcome this crisis, especially in light of the displacement of millions of people and the injury of tens of thousands of children and women. H.E. pointed out that in light of this, the government is working in coordination with international partners to strengthen all aspects and forms of support for those affected, thanking the Ministry of Health and the health system, which from day one has harnessed its capabilities to alleviate the suffering of our brothers in Palestine.

The Minister said that the grant signed today, which is provided by the Japanese government to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and is being implemented by the WHO, will support efforts to provide medical needs and supplies to border hospitals, as well as in the governorates of Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, Sharqia, and Damietta, and to meet the urgent health needs of injured people from the Gaza Strip to alleviate their suffering.

The Minister touched on the multiple projects being implemented in partnership with bilateral and multilateral development partners in the health sector, including the universal health insurance project.

Moreover, the Minister thanked the Japanese government for its close cooperation with the Egyptian government in many development cooperation programs, as well as providing support and assistance to our brothers in the Gaza Strip, pointing out that this cooperation is an extension of strong, constructive and historical relations with the Japanese side that began in the 1950s. It will enter its 70th year in 2024, as the Egyptian and Japanese sides cooperated in many areas of development through concessional development financing, technical support, and the implementation of partnerships that made a difference in the lives of Egyptian citizens.

The Minister also thanked the WHO for its efforts in coordination with national entities  to enhance health care services in light of the United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework  2023-2027, as well as Egypt’s development vision, stressing that the Ministry of International Cooperation continues its coordination role between various international partners and national agencies, in a way that enhances collective action to alleviate the suffering of our brothers in the Gaza Strip.