Greater Cairo Metro Line No. 4 Phase 1 Project

Development Partner: Japan
Start Date: 20/02/2014
Closing Date: 20/02/2027
Total Financing: JPY 32,717.00 million
Total Financing Equivalent: US$ 305.17 million
Government's Sector: Transport
Implementing Entity: The National Authority For Tunnels
Governorate: Giza - Cairo

Development Program Objectives:

The fourth line of Cairo underground metro is deemed a fundamental means of linking Sixth of October City and the Pyramids archeological region with an underground metro network in down town Cairo. It attempts to face the surmounting demand of transport of high-population regions in El-Haram, Faysal, Omranya and Giza. As the first phase of the fourth line extends along 16 Km from Rimayah Square to El-Malek El-Saleh station, it is expected to cater for a minimum of 500,000 passengers daily.

The first phase, for which the first tranche of the loan is provided, shall include the construction works (tunnel track, passenger terminals, annexed facilities), electrical works, a high voltage power plant, a control center, the main rolling stock maintenance and storage workshop and the rolling stock.

    US$ 2,720.88 million

    Total amount of the current ODA provided by Japan to Egypt

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