First Fiscal Consolidation, Sustainable Energy, and Competitiveness Programmatic Development Policy Financing Project

Development Partner: World Bank
Start Date: 19/12/2015
Closing Date: 30/06/2017
Total Financing: US$ 1,000.00 million
Total Financing Equivalent: US$ 1,000.00 million
Government's Sector: Miscellaneous Sectors
Implementing Entity: Ministry of International Cooperation
Governorate: Several Governorates

Development Program Objectives:

The proposed operation is built around three pillars, which are also the Program Development Objectives (PDOs) of the operation: 
(1) Advance fiscal consolidation through higher revenue collection, greater moderation of the wage bill growth, and stronger debt management.
(2) Ensure sustainable energy supply through private sector engagement
(3) Enhance the business environment through investment laws, industrial license requirements as well as enhancing competition.

This is not the first Development Policy Loan for the Arab Republic of Egypt. The World Bank supported Egypt through a series of three Financial Sector Development Policy Loans (DPL I, II, and III)—amounting to US$ 1.5 billion in total during 2006-2011, with the aim of implementing the major Financial Sector Reform Program, which helped Egypt weather the risks associated with the global financial crisis. The program included restructuring and privatizing state-owned banks, reforming the insurance sector (including restructuring the state-owned insurers), developing a new system of mortgage finance for a more sustainable housing market, and strengthening financial regulatory capacity and financial supervision apparatus. Furthermore, the three-tranche Affordable Mortgage Finance Program, amounting to a total of US$ 300 million (2009-2015), assisted the Government of Egypt and contributed to expanding the residential mortgage market and increasing access to mortgage loans for low -and middle-income households in order to improve housing affordability.

Further information and details on previous development policy loans could be accessed through the following links:

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Affordable Mortgage Finance DPL

US$ 6,056.82 million

Total amount of the current ODA provided by World Bank to Egypt

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21.6532976402098 78.3467023597902 21.6532976402098 78.3467023597902 78.3467023597902