An Egyptian-Romanian Investment Forum to be held on the Sidelines of the Committee Meeting.
The Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Dr. Sahar Nasr met with the Romanian Ambassador to Cairo Mr. Mihai Stefan Stuparu to discuss final arrangements for the second session of the Egyptian Romanian Joint Committee for Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation scheduled for 26-28 July in Bucharest, which is to be co-chaired by the Minister. In light of historic Egyptian-Romanian relations that date back to over 110 years ago, several memorandums of understanding (MoUs) between both countries are expected to be signed in various of fields, notably investment, SMEs, agriculture, water resources, irrigation, oil & gas and tourism at the close of the Committee's work on July 28th.
Dr. Nasr shed light on distinguished economic relations between Egypt and Romania, which exhibited a high level of coordination and the convergence of views, while both sides were keen on preparing well for the joint committee meetings since they were considered the main platform for discussions and deliberations on the means of reinforcing bilateral economic relations in various fields.
Within the same context, the Minister highlighted the importance of holding an Egyptian-Romanian Investment Forum on the sidelines of the Committee meetings, to present available investment opportunities in Egypt and to enhance cooperation levels in vital fields between both countries. In turn, that would contribute to increasing the volume of Romanian investments in Egypt, especially in light of the incentives provided to foreign investors by the new Investment Law.
According to Mr. Stuparu, there were great opportunities for bilateral cooperation on the governmental and private sector levels in both countries. Moreover, he pointed out that Egypt represented a gateway to Africa, noting that it was essential to boost bilateral cooperation.
At the end of the meeting, both officials expressed that they were looking forward to the Egyptian-Romanian Joint Committee meetings which were considered a crucial step towards the activation and consolidation of relations between both countries.