Joint Commissions

The Joint Committee between Egypt and Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Historical Background

The Egyptian Vietnamese Ministerial Joint Committee meetings represent the main mechanism of cooperation between Egypt and Vietnam. To date, four sessions of the Joint Committee were held, the last of which convened in Cairo in November 2008. It was presided by the Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation and the Vietnamese Minister of Trade and Industry.

Sessions Held

First Session held in Hanoi in 1997
Second Session held in Cairo in 2006
Third Session held in Hanoi in 2007
Fourth Session held in Cairo in 2008


Important Recommendations /Agreements Signed at the Last Session:

1- At the Fourth Session of the Egyptian Vietnamese Joint Committee held in Cairo on 9- 10 November 2008, a joint statement was signed on the main fields of cooperation between both countries. The following documents were also signed:
Cooperation Agreement in the field of SME’s between the Social Development Fund (SDF) in Egypt and the Industrial Development Authority in Vietnam.
MOU on participation in international fairs and exhibitions between the Egyptian Expo & Convention Authority (EECA) and the Vietnamese Exhibitions and Conference Center.
Executive Cooperation Program in the Field of Tourism for 2009- 2010 between the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
MOU dated 9/11/2008 between the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and the Vietnamese Oil & Gas Group.
2- The parties discussed Vietnam’s importation of Egyptian products to meet the demands of the Vietnamese market, such products include oil, gas, fertilizers, urea and medicine.  Both parties also agreed to start taking the necessary steps for developing cooperation between both countries in the following fields:
Establishing a joint project in the field of fish wealth and fish farming in Egypt based on Vietnam’s advanced experience in this field.
Studying the possibility of Egypt’s assistance of Vietnam for implementing electricity connection and power generation projects in Vietnamese cities and villages based on Egypt’s highly developed experience in these fields.
Inviting Vietnam to participate in the modernization of Egyptian ports (Port Said- Alexandria).
To consider benefiting from Vietnamese experience in carrying out joint projects in Egypt in the field of information technology.
To consider future tripartite cooperation between Egypt, Vietnam and African countries falling South the Sahara Desert in the fields of power generation and food industries.