The project was implemented in the industrial and telecommunications & information technology sectors on 1/9/2015, through which 80,000 job seekers were trained to meet labor market demands. 
The project aims to meet the demand for properly trained manpower and to qualify job seekers to meet the labor market’s actual needs through a demand-driven mechanism through entities representing both employers and job hunters.   The project offered the opportunity to gather between civil society stakeholders, political parties’ services mechanisms, and job hunters through two career fairs, career guidance units, and electronic recruitment facilities. The project also provided training courses through public and private training agencies accredited by the Industrial Training Council. 
Economic and social return:
Contributing to human development and to raising individual  efficiency and skills. 
Providing job opportunities through the training initiative for recruitment. 
Providing industrial training for 80,000 trainees. 
Providing 50% of the vocational training requirements in the industrial field. 
Contributing to setting up an electronic database and the relevant professional methodologies. 
Achieving a balance between practical training and labor market demands.