During the period from 14 March to 6 April 2017, the training program entitled “Management of the Chinese Assistance Provided to Developing Countries” was held in China, with participation from Mr. Walid El-Haddad, Head of the Central Department for Cooperation with East Asia, Ms. Eman Moammed Abu El-Enein, Senior Economic Researcher Responsible for the Chinese File, and Ms. Eman Fakhry, Senior Economic Researcher Responsible for the Chinese File. The program aimed to benefit from the Chinese experience in the fields of sustainable development, reform, openness and administration of the Chinese assistance provided to developing countries, besides visiting major companies working in the fields of construction, communications, electricity, electronic, information technology and media in Nanchang and Sh?nzhèn Provinces.
Further, MIIC’s participants held a meeting with the Egyptian Ambassador to Beijing and officials of the Chinese Ministry of Trade to discuss cooperation portfolio between both sides and gain further insight into the latest developments of ongoing and future projects.