Following up on the implementation of  the Aswan Skills Development Program (ASDP), the 2nd Annual Steering Committee meeting was held on 26 March 2017 to provide an inclusive vision on the project's implementation mechanism, evaluation and sustainability, in presence of Ms. Hanaa Shehata, Director-General of the General Department for Cooperation with Canada at the Minister's Office, Ms. Nermin Atef, General Coordinator of the Cooperation File with Canada at the Minister's Office, and Ms. Yasmin Ramadan, Researcher at the General Department for Cooperation with Canada.
ASDP's key achievements during 2016, defined goals to be achieved during 2017 and key challenges to be faced to contribute to achieving the project's goals with a view to increase job opportunities for at least 6000 young men and women in Aswan were discussed during the meeting, which also tackled enhancing the private sector's efficiency, providing new training programs that take gender equality into consideration and offering technical and vocational education suitable for the labor market, besides providing the necessary skills and expertise for entrepreneurship. 
The meeting further mentioned the efforts exerted to identify challenges facing the project and the development of mechanisms to face such challenges so as to ensure the achievement of desired goals and targeted development impact. To this end, an external evaluator was appointed to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan that would help all relevant agencies perform their tasks properly. 
It is worth noting that the SC includes representatives from the Egyptian Ministries of Investment and International Cooperation and Trade & Industry and the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. It is entitled to supervise the project, provide a  comprehensive strategic vision, and offer guidance according to relevant achievements and challenges, given that it is held at least once a year.