In 2014, the Asian Sector at the Ministry of International Cooperation  negotiated with the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance and Korea Development Institute (KDI) to enhance cooperation and exchange knowledge in the field of policy-making, advisory services and exchange of visits and expertise, besides giving an overview of the Korean government’s successful expertise. 
In 2014 and 2015, preparations and coordination were conducted between MoIC and the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance to implement the program, which benefited several ministries through exchanging expertise and providing advisory services in fields related to the Ministries of Telecommunications & Information Technology, Social Solidarity, Planning and Trade & Industry with a view to learn about Korean policies and counterpart institutions.
A memorandum of understanding on the Knowledge Sharing Program was also signed on 31 March 2016 between MoIC and the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance.
Further, a Korean mission visited Egypt in August 2016 to coordinate between the Ministries of International Cooperation and Finance, the Institute of National Planning (INP) and the Public Taxes Authority in order  to discuss technical details of the program that would be implemented during 2016- 2017. A second mission also visited MoIC in November 2016 to agree on  the program’s action  plan and  identify the steps to be taken to implement the program under the supervision of the Asian Sector at MoIC.