Mandates of the Ministry of International Cooperation (MOIC) according to Presidential Decree No. 303 of 2004:

1. To draft laws and decrees relating to the achievement of MOIC’s objectives in the field of international cooperation.

2. To draft bilateral and regional agreements in the field of economic cooperation and technical assistance, and to carry out ratification procedures and follow up their implementation with governments, as well as international and regional organizations and institutions.

3. To draft agreements of loans, grants, financial guarantees, re-lending, grant allocation, guarantees and credit facilities.

4. To draft agreements of debt re-scheduling and debt swap with foreign governments and their affiliated authorities, as well as to carry out ratification procedures and follow up their execution.

5. To oversee Egypt’s relations with organizations and institutions engaged in economic cooperation, international and regional financing and investment guarantee, as well as with UN agencies in the field of economic cooperation which requires the issuance of a decree by the Prime Minister .

6. To draft compensation agreements with foreign state governments, to carry out ratification procedures, follow up their execution and resolve relating problems.

7. To propose the Egyptian government’s contribution to the establishment of joint economic cooperation projects with Arab and foreign states under the framework of economic cooperation agreements with these states and to represent Egypt in them.

8. To supervise the facilitation and completion of required works/ procedures relating to the implementation of projects financed by the UNDP and by other donors.